Round 8″ Extra Deep Aluminum Pans- 4 Count

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These round foil containers are perfect for bringing meals to school or work.

Alternately, provide it to diners that visit your takeaway restaurant. The clear plastic cover is folded over by the metal, which firmly secures it. In accordance with how thick the contents are, the lid may be utilized either dome up or dome down. The one-layer cakes, roasted vegetables, and many other delectable dishes work nicely with the straight sides, which are similar to the classic cake pan. The translucent domed lids give the containers a high-end, restaurant-style appearance and provide a clear view of the delectable food within. These durable foil baking pans or foil pans with lids may be taken anywhere they are required.

This circular baking pan made of aluminum foil has a rim with a complete curl. The rim facilitates serving by keeping the lids in place. Even for heavy pies, the base's wagon wheel shape offers additional stability.

  • Sturdy foil pan with straight sides.
  • Perfect for to-go meals.
  • Curl rim and wagon wheel bottom.
  • Multi-use round silver foil pan.
  • Save time with easy cleanup.