Round 10″ Extra Deep Aluminum Pans- 2 Count

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Round 10″ Extra Deep Aluminum Cooking or Baking Pans are included in each set.

The complete curl rim on these premium aluminum foil pans adds rigidity and may be grabbed or gripped. Because of their flat bottoms, these pans are particularly simple to bake in and reheat. Numerous visitors anticipated? With these handy disposable pans that can be used as both cookware and serving ware, you won't have to worry about hours of clean-up afterward!

Our rounded aluminum foil pans are the ideal container for storing food, preparing meals, and reheating leftovers because they are fully safe for use in the oven and freezer.

  • A full curl rim and the capacity to endure high heat applications make this aluminum pan excellent for baking handmade cakes, reheating meals, and food preservation. It is safe to use in an oven.
  • Perfect for a variety of events, including Valentine's Day, Christmas, New Year's Eve, graduation celebrations, family reunions, and many more.
  • Easy to use and dispose of, especially when having family gatherings or outings, dinner parties, birthdays, catering, baby showers, and more.