Pandora 1 lb Mini Oval Challah Pan (5 Count)

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In the kitchen, Pandora 1 lb Mini Oval Challah Pan may be utilized in a variety of ways.

You may use them to make bread, pastries, and casseroles. When you're through, either throw away your Mini Pan or wash and reuse it. Our Mini pans are all long-lasting and ecologically friendly. These pans won't need to be stacked to travel from the oven to the counter.

The oval pan is both disposable and eco-friendly. You may save money by recycling and reusing with a simple sink clean (if desired).

  • The lightweight and pan structure are ideal for properly heating, chilling, preparing, and storing your favorite recipes.
  • There is no need for double pan stacking with this mini pan's safe and strong structure for the safe delivery of catered meals.
  • This Aluminum pan is an excellent material for cooling, storing, heating, and food preparation.