1 Day Yahrtzeit Candle Metal Tin

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Perfect for memorials or for marking a loved one's death anniversary on a yahrzeit Candle Metal.

These candles metal are made from premium paraffin wax, which melts gradually and gives off a soft light. In addition to being stunning, the holder contains the flame safely within its tall walls, keeping everything outside of it from catching fire. The self-standing candle does not require a tray, cup, or candlestick. Any surface or vigil place may be securely marked with its identification.

Because of the precise restriction of the flame by these holders, you don't have to worry about the candle getting close to anything as it burns for several hours. Candles metal must be stored in its original packaging.

  • Hand Expert candle manufacturers created this candle.
  • These holders carefully restrict the flame, so you don't have to worry about anything being near the candle throughout its many hours of burning.
  • It will not burn or harm any plate, tray, or holder if put on any flat surface.